Brief für dich

2 Jahre Jubiläum


Dear reader, dear customer,
We are really very happy to celebrate with you our 2nd Year of Pilogen Carezza in Germany.

Two years have passed and we are even more excited to offer you the best products to you and your loved ones.

So this year, we have decided to support the philanthropic commitment of agricultural workers and organisation Alliance for an Agricultural fit for Grandchildren (Bündnis für eine enkeltaugliche Landwirtschaft e.V.).

We decided to invest in your future in order to preserve the livelihoods of future generations and to rebuild them where they have already been damaged.

With every next Pilogen order, 10% of your purchase will be donated to this organisation because our main goal is to support organic agriculture without synthetic pesticides.

Being part of this is more important than ever right now for your wellbeing in these extraordinary times. Covid year taught us that every effort is well paid well being.
So my dears, feel your best and do your best!

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Rada Markovic Campanini
Managing Director of Pilogen Carezza in Deutschland